Palace of the Damned

(UK Hardback Cover)


Genres: Adventure, Thriller

(Spoiler Alert! if you haven’t read ‘Birth of a Killer’ and ‘Ocean of Blood’ before )

Palace of the Damned is the book in ‘The Saga of Larten Crepsley’ series. The story begins after the end of book two (Ocean of Blood). Larten Crepsley decides to take orphan and move to Paris. There, he met his lover, his life seems so happy and perfect. However, he ran across of his old friend and his life never be the same….

I like this book more than the second one (‘Ocean of Blood’). Its story is more exciting and compelling but I must confess I still stuck with timeline and the way the writer tell. It’s slow and kind of bored. Moreover, Because this series all about Larten Crepsley which we all know him from ‘Darren Shan’ series, so this story will tell about the past of his story. The writer must have a interesting story to tell but this is not enough. The story still have some plotting and something doesn’t make sense when you think of story in ‘Darren Shan’ series.

I must admit that I don’t quite like this series (so far…) . However, I will tell you again when I finished Book 4. 🙂

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